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Sul sito di themusicmagazine è stata pubblicata la prima recensione completa del nuovo disco.

Having initially risen to success with the multi-platinum albums The Man Who and The Invisible Band, Travis became household names with such classics like Why Does It Always Rain On Me, Driftwood and Sing – chances are everyone has a favourite Travis song.

Therefore, the band’s 12 Memories, released in 2004 when the band “were turning 30, and there was a war going on” wasn’t quite the upbeat follow-up expected, and fans seemed divided over the album. That said, they still kept a main hardcore following throughout.

Of the band’s fifth studio album (the first, Good Feeling, sold 40,000 copies), lead singer/guitarist/politician Fran Healy simply says, “It feels like we’re back” – so the band’s views are immediately clear.

So Travis fans have had obvious reason to worry. Would The Boy With No Name, so called because Healy and long-term partner Nola Kryst didn’t decide on their son’s name until a few weeks after birth, finally mark the return of Travis?

Simply put, The Boy With No Name is a belting collection of bittersweet pop songs from the band who agree that they do it better than anyone. Whilst they’d normally enter the studio armed with eight or nine songs for an album, and write the rest during recording, for the first time the band found themselves with roughly thirty songs – and recorded them all.

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