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Ancora una esclusiva di musicmagazine. In questa intervist, collegata alla recensione del disco, Andy parla del nuovo album e di tutto il lavoro di preparazione.

How many did you write for the album?

I think there was a good 30 or 40 for this record. We’d usually go in with about nine songs, with the other couple written whilst we were recording. We were never one of these bands who’re like, “we’ve got 40 or so songs for the next record.” This is the first time we’ve had that. It was really weird when it came to choosing songs for the record because we’ve never had that.

So how many of them did you record?

We recorded all of them; we’ve been in and out of the studio for the last two and half to three years. So there are a lot of songs recorded.

What about the ones that aren’t on the album then?

I don’t know. I suppose some of them will be b-sides and things, and I suppose they’ll sit there and we’ll work out if they’ve got a place. They range; some of them weren’t good enough, some of them just didn’t fit in the record. We’d try and put them on and they didn’t sit with the other songs. They may be good enough for the next record; you never know. We’ll find homes for them.

Which ones are you the most proud of out of them all?

Closer was the first one we really recorded and thought, “Wow; that’s definitely going on the record.” I’m proud of that because that started the ball rolling really. I think that’s part of the reason behind it being the first single; that it was the first one we really recorded for it. That’s the daddy; the rest are all kids. I’m proud of that one because it’s the one that opened the floodgates for the rest of the songs. With regards to favourites; we’re in rehearsals at the moment and Selfish Jean is so much fun to play, it’s probably my favourite at the moment.

I must admit, that one stands out a lot on the first listen to the album.

Yeah, it’s just good fun. We’re looking forward to doing it in shows because it’s just a real hit to play.

Speaking of shows, are there any songs from the album that you won’t be playing?

I think we’re doing about eight new songs in the shows. We pretty much learned the album and decided to do seven or eight. Obviously there are songs that you can’t ignore. It’s weird trying to do a new set because you’re so used to old sets and things have to go and new things come in. So as I say, we’re doing seven or eight new songs in the set.

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